FIRST NATIONAL PAKISTAN formed in early 2004 in Pakistan. First National Company  originated  in  United  Kingdom  (UK)  and  local  office  located  Lahore Pakistan.

We are engineering based company and have got more than two decades experience in  the  field  of  Electrical  (Generation,  Distribution,  &  Protection)  and  having  a number of manufactures around the globe.

In this regard FNP just started manufacturing OVERHEAD TRANSMISSION LINE  structure for 132, 220 & 500 KV in partnership with M/S Hamoon  Group, a leading manufacturer of Iran with approval from KEMA .

FNP represents and is the authorized distributor of renowned European brands.

FNP a group of professionals that offer a complete and divers line of Switchgear components,  Complete  Range  of  Switchgear  Control  Panels,  LV,  MV,  HV,    and Accessories.  Services  &  Maintenance  for  electrical  and  Civil  Work,  Oil  and  Gas and Aviation. Consultancy  for start to end project.

Our   company  is   involved   in   imports/exports,   local   sales/purchase,   indenting, marketing, engineering & services, consultancy.

The  team  members  of  company  have  vast  experience  in  Sales,  Marketing,  after Sales Services & Maintenance with multinational companies like AEG, ALSTOM

& Schneider Electric to name a few.