Apart from KMT high pressure pumps our company Rychlý TOM Inc. offers an ideal technology for every single demand – from occasional ones up to multiple-shift operation. Basically KMT distinguishes between Pro series made for pressure up to 6 200 bar and STREAMLINE SL-V and NEOLINE NL-I pumps, which work with maximal pressure rage from 3 800 to approximately 4 100 bar.






STREAMLINE SL-VI 100 PLUSPumps of STREAMLINETM SL-VI series allows to use a generated pressure for solutions with abrasives addition or for solutions with clean water. Regardless of how the concept of your machines is designed. It is possible to install the STREAMLINETM SL-VI pump and operate with them independently or they can be controlled through any type of control system.


With its Pro high-pressure range, KMT waterjet System sets new standards in the field of waterjet cutting. PRO stands for waterjet cutting technology with operating pressure of up to 6 200 bar, and the new range of products of course includes all necessary components and accessories – from high pressure generation units to orifices that guide the cutting jet with great precision onto the material.


STREAMLINETM SL-VI pumps enable to use generated pressure for clean water application as well as for abrasives containing application. Regardless the concept and the design of your machines it is possible to install and operate STREAMLINETM SL-VI independently or remotely controlled by any type of central control system


High pressure pump NEOLINETM NL-I 40 uses a verified and reliable SSEC intensifiers technology in an affordable, new implemented product. It offers a great value for a reasonable price. It is a perfect solution for everyone seeking an economical solution for occasional cutting. It offers the best technology in the industry.

RT Line

Rychlý TOM Inc. has decided to reconstruct VT pump SL-VI 50 OEM to its own pups and therefore offer its customers high-quality pumps for a very good price. Constructional solution enables to offer our clients a few models of this pump. By adding an additional equalizing cylinder it is possible to upgrade common SL-VI 50 STD-RT pump into SL-VI 50PLUS-RT pump or a higher series SL-VI 60PRO-RT.